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Are You Clairvoyant?

Are You Clairvoyant?

What is Clairvoyance, anyway? Imagine having the ability to peer beyond the veil of the ordinary, to catch glimpses of energies, visions, and insights that others might miss. That's clairvoyance for you! In simple terms, clairvoyance is the psychic ability to perceive information that goes beyond the usual five senses. It's like having a personal, otherworldly movie reel playing in your mind.


Top Characteristics of Clairvoyance 


1.     Visual Psychic Flashes: Ever had those moments when an image or scene suddenly pops into your mind's eye? That's the visual psychic flash at work! It's like receiving a sneak peek from the universe's secret album.

2.     Orbs, Lights, Shadows, and Movements: Sometimes, you might spot dancing orbs of light, gentle shadows, or mysterious movements out of the corner of your eye. These ethereal visitors could be messages from the beyond.

3.     Vivid Nighttime Dreams – Even Precognitive Ones: Ah, dreams – the playground of clairvoyants! Your dreams might be so vivid that they feel like real-life movies, and on occasion, they might even unveil hints of the future.

4.     Seeing How Puzzle Pieces Fit Together: Think of it as cosmic puzzle-solving. You have a knack for connecting the dots and seeing the bigger picture, even when the pieces seem unrelated to others.

5.     Impeccable Sense of Direction: No compass needed here! Your heightened intuition guides you like an internal GPS, helping you navigate through the twists and turns of life.

6.     Appreciation for Life's Beauty: The world is your canvas, and you see the beauty in its tiniest details. This eye for aesthetics often shines through in your creative endeavors.

7.     Planning and Envisioning with Precision: Before you dive into a project, you've already played it out in your mind. You're like a master architect, envisioning the final masterpiece before the first brick is laid.

8.     Vivid Imagination: Your mind is a playground of imagination. It's where ideas sprout, stories bloom, and fantasies come to life. Embrace it, for it's the wellspring of your creativity.


So, whether you're an artist, an engineer, a designer, or a seasoned Reiki master like yours truly, clairvoyance is a gift that can enrich your life in countless ways. It's like having a backstage pass to the symphony of the universe – and the best part? You're the conductor!


Awakening Your Inner Clairvoyant:

A Guide to Activation 


Here are some practical tips to help you activate and access your innate clairvoyant abilities.


1. Cultivate a Clear Mind: Just as a still pond reflects images clearly, a calm mind is essential for clairvoyance. Meditation, mindfulness, and deep breathing can help you create a serene mental space, allowing intuitive insights to flow effortlessly.

2. Trust Your Intuition: Your gut feelings are the whispers of your clairvoyant self. Start by trusting your instincts in everyday situations, and gradually expand this trust to your deeper visions and insights.

3. Develop Your Visualization Skills: Visualization is your superpower! Practice imagining vivid scenes, colors, and shapes in your mind's eye. The more you exercise this mental muscle, the stronger your clairvoyant abilities become.

4. Keep a Dream Journal: Dreams are windows to your subconscious and a playground for clairvoyance. Keep a notebook by your bedside and jot down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Over time, patterns and messages might emerge.

5. Embrace Symbols and Signs: The universe communicates in mysterious ways – through symbols, numbers, and synchronicities. Pay attention to recurring symbols or signs, as they might hold hidden messages meant just for you.

6. Practice Psychic Protection: As you open up to the unseen, it's crucial to protect your energy. Visualize a shield of light around you or call upon your spiritual guides for protection before diving into clairvoyant practices.

7. Connect with Nature: Nature is a powerful amplifier of intuitive energy. Spend time outdoors, observe the elements, and let the energy of the natural world awaken your senses.

8. Engage in Creative Activities: Engaging in creative pursuits like art, music, or writing can stimulate your clairvoyant faculties. Let your imagination run wild and see where it takes you.

9. Trust Your First Impressions: Your initial thoughts and impressions often hold clairvoyant insights. Don't dismiss them as mere coincidence – they could be the keys to unlocking hidden truths.


Remember, the journey of understanding and harnessing clairvoyance is a personal one. Embrace each vision, each insight, and each moment of connection with an open heart. Keep exploring, keep learning, and keep your third eye wide open! 

Michelle Kellogg RMT, M.Ed. -


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