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Are You an Empath? Here are Some Common Characteristics and Energy Healing Tips

Are You an Empath? Here are Some Common Characteristics and Energy Healing Tips

The vast majority of my clients are highly sensitive and/or empathic, often coming to me feeling drained and overwhelmed by the energy and emotions they pick up and internalize from others. As an empath myself, I can relate deeply to this experience. That’s why I specialize in energy healing for empaths through personalized Reiki and Sound Healing sessions.

Empaths heal, connect, and expand more effectively on an individual basis. While group sound baths are wonderful healing experiences for many, they can be overwhelming for empaths. In group settings, empaths often feel burdened by the collective energy, negativity, and emotional residue from others. This can lead to feeling worse than when they arrived, while others leave feeling lighter and more empowered. I have experienced this countless times myself, inspiring me to create a space and session tailored specifically for the sensitive, intuitive, and often introverted nature of empaths.

My individualized sessions help empaths and highly sensitive people to cut energetic cords and emotional entanglements that drain them, while also awakening, aligning, and harmonizing the chakras. This process balances, expands, and powerfully charges the aura, aiding in the establishment of healthy energetic boundaries and reducing the impact of others' energies and emotions.

Are you an empath? Check out the following common characteristics. How many apply to you?

  • You experience sudden, dramatic shifts or changes in emotion, mood, or physical energy, especially when in a crowd or close proximity to other people.

  • You carry the weight of others' burdens for several days after your interactions with them.

  • You can feel emotional energy imprints in places.

  • You've been frequently called or accused of being too sensitive.

  • You have the ability to know or sense the true intentions or hidden agendas of others, despite their words.

  • Other people and animals gravitate towards you, instinctively drawn to your personal space.

  • You have a natural ability to heal, often manifesting from a very young age.

  • You are often sought out by others for advice, assistance, or sympathy.

  • You have been targeted by emotionally insensitive and narcissistic individuals.

  • You have an overly developed sense of social responsibility and a need to help others, with a natural affinity for the elderly, children, animals, and nature.

  • You have the ability to connect on a soul level with any willing person on earth.

  • You are likely drawn to lower-stress, solo jobs, or smaller companies in the helping, healing, or creative fields.

  • You’re likely happiest being self-employed and working part- or full-time from home.

Being an empath can be both a gift and a challenge. Here are some tips to help you manage and protect your energy:

  • Spend time in nature, walking barefoot on the earth, or sitting under a tree.

  • Learn to say no when you need to. It's okay to put your needs first.

  • Create physical and emotional space from people who drain your energy.

  • Take salt baths to cleanse your aura and remove negative energy.

  • Consider regular energy healing sessions to maintain energetic harmony.

  • Use smudging with sage or palo santo to clear your space and energy field.

  • Incorporate daily meditation to center yourself, stay present, and reduce anxiety from external energies.

  • Visualize a protective shield of light surrounding you, keeping negative energy out.

  • Imagine mirrors facing outward around you, reflecting others' energy away.

  • Ensure you get enough rest, eat nourishing foods, and stay hydrated.

  • Engage in activities that rejuvenate you, such as reading, art, or gentle exercise.

  • Surround yourself with people who understand and respect your sensitivities.

  • Be mindful of the media you consume. Limit exposure to news and entertainment that leaves you feeling drained or anxious.

  • Write down your feelings and experiences to help process emotions and recognize patterns.

If you see yourself in these characteristics and are ready to embrace your empathic nature, I invite you to learn more about my one-on-one services. Book your personalized Chakra Balancing Reiki & Sound Healing session today and start your journey to feeling empowered, balanced, and energetically clear.

Michelle Kellogg RMT, M.Ed. -


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