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The Science of Self-Healing: Brain Waves and Reiki and Sound Healing

Brain waves and Reiki & Sound Healing

Let’s explore the fascinating journey through different brain wave states—beta, alpha, and theta—and how transitioning through these states during a Chakra Balancing Reiki & Sound Healing session can significantly enhance the self-healing process.

Beta Brain Waves: The Busy Mind

Beta brain waves dominate our normal waking state of consciousness. In a beta state, we devote all our time, energy, and thoughts to the external world. During this state, we are highly alert, super attentive, and focused, often engaged in problem-solving or decision-making. It can feel like we’re in survival mode, sometimes becoming a little obsessed with thinking about the recent past or worrying about the near future. Predominantly existing in this beta state produces stress hormones that can make us more susceptible to illnesses or chronic health issues such as high blood pressure, anxiety, or digestive disturbances. When we're constantly in beta, our bodies and minds are in a perpetual state of overdrive, leaving little room for relaxation and healing.

Alpha Brain Waves: The Relaxed Mind

When we stop focusing and concentrating and simply begin to relax and unwind, our brain produces alpha brain waves. In this state, our inner world becomes more real than our outer world. We begin to experience a light and relaxing meditative state, enjoying only the present moment. This is when we start to think less and see or visualize more. Shifting from a survival state to a more creative state, we find ourselves immersed in a serene and calm mindset. Alpha waves are often associated with states of relaxation and creative thinking. This is a crucial state for stress relief, allowing our bodies to start the healing process by reducing the production of stress hormones.

Theta Brain Waves: The Healing Mind

Theta brain waves are experienced when we relax so deeply that our body is asleep but our mind is awake. In this state, we experience a deep meditative state, feeling as if we’ve almost left our body while still being aware of our surroundings. This is when we begin to rewire the brain and change the habits that keep us stuck in a perpetual state of stress. During theta brain wave states, we literally just get out of our own way, allowing restorative healing to take place. This deep state of relaxation is where significant healing and restoration occur, enabling us to overcome long-standing stress-related issues and enhance our overall well-being.

Brain Waves & Reiki & Sound Healing

Understanding and navigating these brain wave states—beta, alpha, and theta—can significantly impact our ability to heal and maintain a balanced, healthy life. By intentionally moving through these states during meditative Chakra Balancing Reiki and Sound Healing sessions, we can tap into our body's natural self-healing abilities. If you're ready to experience these transformative effects for yourself, book a personalized Reiki & Sound Healing session today.

Michelle Kellogg RMT, M.Ed. -


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