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Welcome to Mindful Mystic!  My name's Michelle Kellogg and I'm dedicated to helping you to balance your inner bliss with healing sessions that reduce stress, remove energetic blockages, and heal the physical body and mind.  I can help you reawaken your natural ability to self-heal and enjoy a life of health, self-love, balance, and vitality. 


As a Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healer, and Certified Oracle Card Reader,  I offer mystic and holistic products, classes, and services such as chakra balancing Reiki & sound healing sessions, insightful oracle card readings, online crystal store, as well as group, private, and online Reiki certification classes.  


Phone: 702-215-9660

11081 Whooping Crane Lane - Las Vegas, NV 89144




“I had been feeling stuck energetically and had meditated deeply on a healing modality that would get to the source of my unbalanced energy. Michelle helped me move through my energy blockages with reiki, and sound healing. It was absolutely amazing and honestly a very life-changing experience. I felt extremely renewed. Feeling a deep surge of positive energy flowing in and around me throughout my healing session, in the form of tingly sensations from head to toe, vibrating warmth and an overall feeling of peaceful surrender. I feel very inspired to continue learning more about reiki healing and energy balancing. I look forward to reconnecting with Michelle for a reiki and sound healing session when the time calls again. She's truly passionate about her healing work, sharing her knowledge with others and most importantly helps you reconnect with the inner healer that is within all of us.”  - Gera

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