This top selling & mindfully crafted lava & chakra balancing aromatherapy diffuser bracelet is Reiki charged and serves as a powerful and fashionable energy healing accessory.


•Red Agate Protects

•Amber Provides Balance

•Tiger Eye Offers Strength, Confidence & Health

•Green King Stone Wards Off Negative Energy

•Turquoise Heals 

•Lapis Lazuli Provides Intuition & Clarity

•Amethyst Enhances Calmness & Peace


Simply add 1-4 drops of your favorite essential oil to the lava rock beads for added metaphysical properties.



  • 8mm Lava Rock & Chakra Stone Beads


  • Lava Rocks Absorb & Keep Therapeutic Essential Oils


  • Comfortable & Adjustable Braided Rope Bead Bracelet with a Minimum Size of 6.45 Inches and a Maximum Size of 9.5 Inches is Suitable for Women, Men & Teens.


  • It’s the Perfect Accessory for Yoga, Meditation or Energy Healing Work


Chakra Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet

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